Available systems

Two types of standard machine are available to eligible staff on the scheme and are supplied at no additional cost to departments:

  • Staff Desktop PC - standard desktop computer suitable for running the vast majority of University software.
  • Lightweight laptop - 13" standard laptop suitable for running the vast majority of University software. Laptops are supplied subject to Line Manager approval

Further options are available to eligible staff, who are supported by Computing Services, but incur additional charges payable by the department. Optional models at additional charges include:

  • Workstation - Powerful desktop computer for more graphical/computational tasks.
  • Tablet and hybrid laptops - touchscreen tablets, laptops that detach or fold to become tablets. 

Where the existing monitor is of sufficient quality (e.g. 19" LCD monitor), only the base unit will be replaced.

The equipment is "enterprise" specification - it is far higher build quality than items aimed at the home consumer market.

Provision of PCs outside of the scheme

If you require a computer outside of the scheme, for example, to equip a non-core funded member of staff, or to a site in a shared location such as a reception area, you can view the price list and order directly from DTP.