Visions of Wales: Rediscovering the Landscape through 250 Years of Paintings

Monday, 10am - 4pm

Start Date

22 July, 2024

Monday, 10am - 4pm.


Embark on a journey through the captivating Welsh landscape, a realm that has inspired artists for centuries. Join art historian, Ed Williams, for a transformative study day on the rich tapestry of Welsh scenery depicted by master painters over 250 years. Discover a land not just of leisure and retreats, but a muse that fueled the imaginations of renowned artists from Wales and beyond. Through the untold narrative of how Welsh landscapes shaped the careers of pioneering artists, this course will illuminate the pivotal yet overlooked role of Wales in the evolution of British landscape art. No prior art knowledge required; all are welcome to explore the essence of Wales' artistic legacy. Join us in revealing the soul of Welsh landscapes and the artists who immortalized them, transcending mere depiction to capture the true essence of place.

10am -10.30amTea and Coffee provided
10.30am-11.30am Session 1
11.30am-11.45amBreak (tea & coffee provided)
11.45am-12.45pmSession 2
12.45pm-1.45pm Lunch (not provided)
1.45pm-2.45pmSession 3
2.45pm-3pmBreak (tea & coffee provided)
3pm-4pmSession 4

Course Lecturer: Ed Williams

Ed Williams is an Art Historian who studied under Dr Janina Ramirez at Oxford. He works at TATE Liverpool, he is a regular contributor to on-line publications, writing in the field of art history and art critique. He regularly leads groups through exhibitions and gives public lectures, he previously taught undergraduate and postgraduate students at a number of Universities including the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Liverpool.

Courses fees: Full fee £65

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