Photo of Dr Michele Zito

Dr Michele Zito Ph.D.

Lecturer Computer Science


    Complex Networks

    The typical aims of courses of this type is to understand how SIMPLE Discrete Maths may help us make sense of large Complex Networks, and understand the Software Development Opportunities offered by the emergence of complex networks in real life. COMP324 material on CANVAS.

    Programming and Problem Solving

    Programming and Problems Solving are fundamental processes in the human mind and in machines. I am been involved in teaching various programming course (C++, Java, Ada, Objective-C) and several more abstract "design" modules. Currently i am co-ordinating a fairly large group project module giving students a team software development experience. COMP208 Material on CANVAS

    (Discrete) Mathematics

    I am also interested in teaching Discrete Maths, in particular Graph Theory, and Combinatorics. The word DISCRETE is bracketed as often discrete concepts or proof techniques have a foundation in more general mathematical theories (e.g. functional analysis, or measure theory) and these are also very interesting subjects.

    Modules for 2021-22


    Module code: COMP324

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Group Software Project

    Module code: COMP208

    Role: Module Co-ordinator