Photo of Dr Michele Zito

Dr Michele Zito Ph.D.

Lecturer Computer Science


    Personal Statement

    With numbers and characters, relational structures (where a base set is paired up with additional information about its elements and their mutual interactions) are the third most important type of data structure. I am deeply interested in understanding the mathematical and computational properties of these entities and their applications. I also think that Computer Science offers a unique opportunity to work at the cross-road between a number of different fields. Educating young people to the fundamentals and the specific features of our discipline is my main teaching goal.

    Short Bio.
    Lecturer in Liverpool since 2000.
    1999. Ph.D. in Computer Science (Warwick - UK)
    1993. MSc in Computer Science (Edinburgh - UK)
    1991. Laurea in Scienze dell'Informazione (Bari - Italy)