BBSRC Showcase - The National Biofilm Innovation Centre

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The National Biofilm Innovation Centre is an Innovation Knowledge Centre dedicated to harnessing the UK's strength in biofilms research. Funded by BBSRC, Innovate UK and the Hartree Centre, its mission is to establish a network of academia and industry to achieve breakthrough innovation in the study of biofilms.

This short BBSRC film showcases some of the work of individual students based at the four core partner Universities of Liverpool, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Southampton. There is a specific focus on University of Liverpool PhD student Haitham Alabiad and his work in the Surface Science Research Centre, as part of the Open Innovation Hub for Anti-Microbial Surfaces. 

Haitham's work focuses on advanced anti-biofilm surface coatings probed by spatially resolved Imaging and microbiology techniques, including scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) and Raman spectroscopy.