OPIHAS welcomes 4 new PhD Students

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We would like to welcome our latest round of PhD students here at OPIHAS with a brief introduction to their research areas:

Amy Foo Guest
Amy Foo Guest obtained both her bachelor’s degree in chemistry and master’s degree in advanced chemical sciences at the University of Liverpool. Her bachelor’s project involved synthesising a nano-nose using nanoparticles. Her master’s project focussed on developing a photosensitiser conjugate to be used in photodynamic therapy for cancer treatment. Amy’s PhD programme is in collaboration with Unilever, and will focus on biofilms with regards to oral health.

Kyle Phillips
Kyle Phillips completed his BSc degree in chemistry and MSc degree in advanced chemical sciences at the University of Liverpool. His MSc project focused on the stability of micelles in sustainable formulations and was conducted in collaboration with Unilever. He is now a first year PhD student working in the Open Innovation Hub doing research into producing and characterising antimicrobial and biomimetic surface coatings. He is also working towards an associated fellowship of the higher education academy (AFHEA), so he is better able to support teaching and learning in higher education. 

Matthew Oakes
Matthew completed his integrated master’s degree in chemistry (MCHEM) at the University of Liverpool. Both his 3rd year and MCHEM research projects involved the synthesis of silica encapsulated gold nanoparticles for antimicrobial and anticancer applications. During the summer between the 3rd and 4th year of his degree, Matthew completed a summer research project in the Materials Innovation Factory involving the high throughput synthesis of both current and next generation porous organic cages. Matthew is now a first year PhD student in the Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces focussing on the synthesis and characterisation of functional and antimicrobial surfaces.

Tsz Ying To (Teresa)
Teresa obtained her MChem degree in Chemistry with Medicinal Science at University of Southampton (UK). Her previous studies involved organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology, with a particular interest in the application of small molecules in biological and medical applications. Her Bachelors project involves total synthesis of quinones from cyclobutenediones by thermolysis (flow chemistry). During her Masters placement at University of Sydney in Australia, she focused on Beta-cyclodextrin complexation with anion transporters and anion transport studies for potential Cystic Fibrosis treatment. Her PhD research interests are organic synthesis, peptide synthesis and their applications to target biofilms on surfaces as potential antimicrobials.

A warm welcome to our new students, we look forward to working with you during your studies!