Dr. Diaz Fernandez, presented our successful collaboration experience with industry and academia

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Dr. Yuri Diaz Fernandez, BBSRC Research Fellow (NBIC) and Research Coordinator of the OPIHAS, will be representing the OPIHAS to the research leaders of the School of Physical Sciences of the University of Liverpool, within the “Collaborative Research Workshop” hosted at the Eleanor Rathbone Hall of Blackburne House at Liverpool. The focus of this workshop will be the development of new research collaborations by featuring selected presentations from academic staff and industry, regarding specific ideas and research areas where there is potential for collaboration. The speakers will come from a wide range scientific backgrounds, covering key research areas and different institutes within the University (e.g. Institute of ageing and chronic disease, Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Eng., Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences, etc.). Dr. Diaz Fernandez will be the only speaker from the Chemistry Department, giving a talk on the successful collaborations that the OPIHAS has established with academic partners and industry, and to discuss the areas of potential synergy with other institutes in Liverpool.