Exploring the science of thinking independently together (Chem.Comm.2017)

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Dr. Yuri Diaz Fernandez, research coordinator of OPIHAS, has recently published a scientific article on Chemical Communications regarding the outcome of the 204th edition of the Faraday Discussion meeting. The Faraday Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry has a long and rich history (more than 100 years) of organising high impact discussion focused meetings. Faraday Discussions are international conferences that focus on emerging fields.

This paper highlighted the opening lecture given by Prof. Raval, director of the OPIHAS, whose pioneering work on chiral separation at metal surfaces helped establish new fundamental principles in the field. The fundamental works of pioneers on surface chemistry, such as Prof. Talat S. Rahman and Prof. Manfred Buck, were also featured in this conference report; alongside emerging research areas like those led by the Besenius Lab in Mainz (Germany).

The full scientific article can be found here: (Link)