The OPIHAS welcomes new Postgraduate Researchers

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We are delighted to welcome in our team three new members: Mark Briggs, Haitham Alabiad and Ross Mulhall. They will be engaged in three independent industry co-funded PhD programs, tailored to specific technological needs of three different industrial partners of the OPIHAS. Strong industrial support and involvement is a key aspect within the training activities of the OPIHAS, enabling technological problems associated with critical sectors to be addressed. Companies can also benefit from ongoing contact with trainees, providing future recruitment opportunities, and having access to world leaders in the field. Within the ambitions of the OPIHAS we envision to train the next generation of research leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to deliver breakthrough science and technologies. These industry-funded PhD programs are co-created by OPIHAS senior researchers and the industrial partners, covering specific skills and knowledge required to face technological challenges in industry, while improving PhD graduate employability and successful career development.

We wish every success for these new postgraduate researchers in the exciting journey they are starting now.