Photo of Dr Yalin Zheng

Dr Yalin Zheng Ph.D.

Reader in Ophthalmic Imaging Eye and Vision Science


Medical image computing

My team are working on mage processing, pattern recognition, machine learning with particular interests in computer aided diagnosis and its applications in ophthalmic imaging.

Deep learning and medical applications

My team develop novel deep learning techniques to address global challenges in healthcare.

Development of new imaging technologies

My team develop state-of-the-art imaging techniques for improved disease management.

Research Grants
  • Clinical Development of an Ultrasensitive OCT Device to Improve the Management of Eye Disease
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools For Automatic Single Molecule Analysis
  • Development and optimisation of ultrasensitive optical coherence tomography imaging for eye disease
  • Development of New Low Cost Point of Care Imaging Technologies for Diabetic Eye Disease in China
  • studentship
  • Development of AI for image analysis
  • ECG detection with Deep Learning
  • studentship
  • Characterising Shape and Power of the Corneal Surface Using Ultrahigh-resolution Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Deep learning for automatic screening of diabetic retinopathy
  • Use smartphone to image the retina for glaucoma screening
  • Choroidal Structure and Function in Chronic Retinal Disease
  • Improvement of opthalmic imaging support for enhancing eye disease service and research
  • Development of effective algorithms of deblurring fundus images for improving diagnosis and management of retinal disease
  • Ultrasensitive OCT Imaging for Eye Disease
Research Collaborations

Asoke Nandi


collaboration on automatic retinal image analyses

Waleed, Al-Nuaimy


collaboration on retinal image analyses

Frans Coenen


Image mining for the diagnosis of eye disease. Co-supervise PhD student.

Ke Chen


Huajiang Ouyang


biomechanical modelling of subcelluar structure

Steve Barrett


image analyses for eye disease; supervision of final year undergraduate project

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