Fixed fee guarantee

Find out about our fixed fee guarantee for international students.

If you're offered a place to study with us and you accept, you have to pay tuition fees to cover the cost of your course and academic life.

We offer a fixed fee guarantee for all international, full-time undergraduate and master's students. This means that the cost of your tuition fees won't increase while you're studying with us. So, you'll be able to effectively and more easily plan your finances. 


Medicine and Dentistry are not covered by the fixed fee guarantee. From September 2023, after year one of study, tuition fees for these courses will vary by the published Consumer Price Index. 

How much are my tuition fees?

Visit our course pages, select your level of study, and choose your course. You can then go to the fees and funding section, which will tell you the fees for students paying the overseas/international rate.

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