Progression requirements and degree classification

This page provides information for progressing to the next year of your studies as well as degree classifications.

The progression on to the next stage of your studies for an award of the University is governed by the regulations for the particular award for which you are registered.

The criteria for completing each year of study, other than the final year, and for progression to the next year/level of study, require you to:

  • Pass (achieve 40%) all mandatory modules; and
  • Pass (achieve 40%) in modules amounting to 90 credits; and
  • Achieve at least 40% averaged across all modules and a minimum mark of 35% in all modules.

If you do not achieve the above criteria you will be required to re-sit all modules in which you obtain less than 40%.  

Further details about how your studies are assessed can be found in the Code of Practice on Assessment.  


Degree classification 

Three-year non-clinical honours degrees will be awarded and classified in accordance with the degree classification system described in Appendix I of the Code of practice on assessment

Four-year non-clinical honours degrees will be classified as described in Appendix J of the Code of practice on assessment. 

The criteria for the award of clinical first degrees and for the award of such degrees with honours shall be clearly defined and readily available in the appropriate programme documentation.

Postgraduate awards are made in accordance with the regulations for the particular award. Details of the model for modular Master’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates, including the pass/fail/distinction criteria, are set out in Appendix C of the Code of practice on assessment.

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