Assessment appeals: I have completed my programme

This page provides information for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught students who have completed their programme and want to appeal the assessment.

If you intend to appeal against the classification of your degree, you must wait until you have received all of your marks and then submit your intention to appeal. A Section 2 assessment appeal cannot be considered if you have missing marks.

Summer resit results released on Monday 11 September 2023

Section two appeal deadline 5pm on 21 September 2023

Please note that whilst your appeal is being considered, you will not be permitted to proceed to graduation and will only be able to graduate once the outcome of the appeal is finalised. It may not be possible to graduate in December 2023.

If you have completed your programme of study and have been made an award by the Board of Examiners, or because you have no further progression opportunity, you may appeal in the following circumstances against the Board of Examiners decisions relating to:

  • Non-award of a degree, diploma or certificate, whether that award was the final award for the programme concerned or an intermediate award for the stage of the programme you have just completed
  • The classification or other mark of differentiation of a degree, diploma, or certificate which has been awarded
  • Award of a different award from that which you were attempting to achieve at that point of the programme.

You may appeal against the decision of a Board of Examiners on the following grounds:

  • That performance in the assessment was adversely affected by illness or other significant factors which, for valid reasons, the student was unable to divulge before the Board of Examiners met to consider the student’s performance
  • That there had been a material administrative error
  • That assessments were not conducted in accordance with the current regulations governing the course of study
  • that the student has a complaint regarding the academic provision that could not be made known prior to the meeting of the Board of Examiners and for which an academic remedy is being sought
  • That some other material irregularity has occurred
  • That extenuating circumstances were divulged but:

    There was a procedural error in the decision taken by an Extenuating Circumstances Committee or Board of Examiners when considering the circumstances


    The student is presenting new or additional material evidence, which, for a valid reason, they were unable to provide at the time of submitting the extenuating circumstances claim.

You cannot appeal on grounds:

  • Have already been considered by the Board of Examiners and/or Extenuating Circumstances Committee; or
  • Could have been considered, had notice of the student’s wish to have them so considered been given prior to the meeting of the Board of Examiners and the student has no valid reason for having failed to give such notice; or
  • Dispute the academic judgement of the Board of Examiners including those which simply constitute an expression of dissatisfaction with the decision that has been taken; or
  • Constitute a matter which could have been resolved under the Student Complaints Policy and Procedure.

Before submitting an appeal

Before submitting an appeal you must consult with the Chair of the relevant Board of Examiners or his/her designated representative, in order to clarify any possible misunderstanding about the way in which the examination or other work is assessed.

If you are studying an online programme in association with Kaplan Online Learning you should consult their Student Support Manager (SSM) in the first instance.


Timeframe for submitting an appeal

If you want to appeal, you must:

  1. Submit an Intention to submit an Assessment Appeal proforma to the Director of the Student Administration and Support Division stating the grounds for your appeal within 10 calendar days
  2. Not proceed to any degree ceremony
  3. Within a further 14 calendar days, present a full case in writing.

If you intend to appeal against the classification of your degree, you must wait until you have received all of your marks and then submit your intention to appeal. A Section two assessment appeal cannot be considered if you have missing marks.

You should ensure that you submit your intention to appeal by 21 September 2023.

A written statement of appeal

You should submit a written statement of appeal accompanied by supporting evidence.

  • Appeals on the grounds of illness must include full documentary evidence, and state reasons why the information was not presented in advance to the Board of Examiners
  • Appeals on the grounds of administrative error must include a detailed description of the error which is alleged to have occurred.

Consideration of the appeal

Details of how appeals against results are considered are in the CoPA Appendix F.

Whilst the appeal is under consideration, you will not be permitted to graduate. It is highly unlikely that your appeal will be considered and finalised before the graduation ceremony immediately following the release of your results.

Further information

School Student Support Offices can advise who are the relevant Chairs and Secretaries of the Boards of Examiners.

Advice on all appeals procedures can be obtained from the Student Conduct, Complaints and Compliance Team in Student Administration and Support.

If you wish to appeal against the decision of the Board of Examiners to terminate your studies or to deem you to withdraw, should refer to the guide on the progress of students on taught programmes of study.

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