Sandra Walklate

Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology


I have been researching around criminal victimization throughout my academic career. This has become focused more recently in the relationship between fear, risk, vulnerability and resilience as key concepts that have driven academic and policy responses to crime as broadly conceived. I have held previous posts at Liverpool John Moores, Salford, Keele, Manchester Metropolitan University joining Liverpool University in January 2006 as the Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology.


  • BA, 1972, Lancaster; M.Litt. 1975, Lancaster.

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Honours & Awards

  • 1997 Visiting Professor, Department of Criminology, University of Stockholm.(fully funded by them)

  • 2005 Elected as an Academician to the Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences.

  • 2006 Visiting Professor University of Stockholm, Institute of Criminology, April (fully funded by them)

  • 2000 to date: Honorary Visiting Senior Research Fellow, CJ 4, University of Bangor.

  • 2005-08 Member of the Sociology Panel for the 2008 RAE.

  • 2006 to date: Academic advisor to the British Federation of Women Graduates Awards Committee.

  • 2011-14: Member of the sociology REF panel.

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Professional Activities

Professional Societies

  • 1975-2001:  Member of the British Sociological Association.
  • 1991 to date:  Member of the British Society of Criminology. 

Editorial Boards/editorships

  • 1992-5: Member of the Editorial Board of Sociology.

  • 1993-8: Book reviews editor for Victimology: An International Review.

  • 1999 to date: Member of the international editorial board of Crime Prevention and   Community Safety: An International Journal.

  • 1999 to date: Member of the international editorial board of Theoretical Criminology

  • 2000 to date: Member of the international editorial board of Critical Criminology

  • 2005 to date: Member of the international editorial board of Contemporary Justice Review.

  • 2006 to date: Editorial board member of the British Journal of Criminology

  • 2012-17: Editor, British Journal of Criminology

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Scientific Committees and Boards of Conferences (recent)

  • 2008-12: Member of the ESRC’s Evaluation Committe

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Scientific Services

  • 1998-9: Criminology Consultant, Salford City Council.

  • 1999-02: Consultant to the Youth Justice Trust, Greater Manchester.

  • 2010- 11: External advisor to the Ministry of Justice, New Zealand for the 2009 New Zealand Crime and Urban Safety Survey.

  • 2010-12: Advisory panel member for crime, fear of crime and health and well being systematic review research team, funded by the Department of Health, headed by Dept. of Public Health, University of Liverpool.

  • 2011: Visiting Research Consultant, University of Minho, Portugal (fully funded by them)

  • In addition to my journal editorial duties listed above I referee articles for publication for Feminist Review, Sociological Review, Victimology: An International Review, Urban Studies, British Journal of Sociology, Canadian Journal of Sociology, Crime Media Culture, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology and offer advice to a range of publishers on book proposals. I am also asked to advise on research proposals on a regular basis by the ESRC and act as a peer reviewer for the National Police Improvement Agency and the Ministry of Justice.

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Teaching Areas

  • SOCI319 Criminal victimization, policy and welfare.

  • Contributions to other modules on gender, risk, victimization and policing.

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Research Interests

  • Victimology, fear of crime, genocide, post 9/11 responses to terrorism and resilience.

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Selected Publications

  1. 2012: Courting Compassion; Victims Policy and New Labour  The Howard Journal (proofs read)

  2. 2011: Witnessing Wootton Bassett: An Exploration in Cultural Victimology (with R. McGarry and G. Mythen) Crime, Media, Culture 7(2): 1-17

  3. 2011: The soldier as victim: peering through the looking glass (with R. McGarry) British Journal of Criminology, 46(6):

  4.  2011: Reframing Criminal Victimisation: Finding a Place for Vulnerability and Resilience. Theoretical Criminology 15(2): 175-92

  5. 2011: Risk Beyond Calculability and Theory: Experiential Knowledge and ‘Knowing Otherwise’ (with G. Mythen) Criminology and Criminal Justice,  11(2):99-113

  6. 2010: Agency, Reflexivity and Risk: Cosmopolitan, Neurotic or Prudential Citizen? (with G. Mythen) British Journal of Sociology 61 (1): 47-65

  7. 2009: Are we all victims now? Crime, justice and suffering. British Journal of Community Justice  7(2): 5-16

  8. 2009: I’m a Muslim, but I’m not a Terrorist’: Victimization, Risky Identities and the Performance of Safety (with G. Mythen and F. Khan) British Journal of Criminology 49 (6): 736-54

  9. 2008: Terrorism, risk and security: the perils of asking ‘what if’? (with Gabe Mythen) Security Dialogue  39 (2-3): 221-42.

  10. 2008: How Scared Are We? (with G. Mythen) British Journal of Criminology 48(2):209-225

  11. 2008: What is to be done about violence against women? Gender, violence, cosmopolitanism and the law. British Journal of Criminology 48(1):39-54 (translated into Chinese and published in collection edited by Lin: Feminist Jurisprudence, Southwest China Normal University Press)

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