Francisco Alejandro Diaz De la O


Dr. Diaz De la O is a member of the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty and of the Centre for Engineering Dynamics in the School of Engineering, University of Liverpool. He obtained a BSc in Applied Mathematics (ITAM, Mexico), an MSc in Statistics and Operational Research (Essex, UK), and a Doctoral degree (Swansea, UK) under the supervision of Prof. Sondipon Adhikari and Dr. Jeremy Oakley. He was a post-doctoral researcher at the Civil and Computational Engineering Centre at Swansea, working in Prof. Michael Friswell's group on morphing aircraft. From June 2013 he is a lecturer at the University of Liverpool.

Dr Diaz De la O's research focuses in Bayesian metamodelling approaches for uncertainty quantification. In particular, he has worked on coupling Gaussian process emulators with stochastic finite element techniques. He is particularly interested in the uncertainty that arises from running only a small number of samples of expensive computer codes. He has applied metamodelling to quantify uncertainty in corrugated panels and bio-inspired materials for morphing aircraft.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2011, Swansea University, UK
    Thesis: Gaussian Process Emulators for the Analysis of Complex Models in Engineering
  • MSc in Statistics and Operational Research, 2006, University of Essex, UK
  • BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2005, Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology, Mexico

Honours & Awards

  • PhD dissertation selected by the Association of Computational Mechanics in Engineering (ACME) to represent the United Kingdom in the 2nd Olympiad organized by the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS), 2012.
  • EPSRC postgraduate studentship award (2007-2010)
  • University of Sheffield visiting postgraduate studentship award (2007)
  • Essex University postgraduate studentship award

Professional Activities

Invited Talks

  • “Bayesian Analysis of Expensive Computer Models“, Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology, Mexico City, Mexico, 2013.
  • “Gaussian Processes, Machine Learning and Stochastic Finite Elements”, 2nd ECCOMAS PhD Olympiad, Aveiro, Portugal, 2012.

Organization of Conferences / Workshops

  • Organizing committee of the ASCE-ICVRAM-ISUMA 2014, Liverpool, UK

Teaching Areas

  • Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory
  • Engineering Mathematics

Research Interests

  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Stochastic finite elements
  • Stochastic model updating
  • Global sensitivity analysis
  • Machine learning

Selected Publications

  • Au, S.K. , DiazDelaO, F.A, Yoshida, I. (2015) Bayesian updating and model class selection with Subset Simulation PDF
  • Garbuno-Inigo, A., DiazDelaO, F.A., Zuev, K.M. (2015) Gaussian process hyper-parameter estimation using parallel asymptotically independent Markov sampling. PDF
  • Garbuno-Inigo, A., DiazDelaO, F.A., Zuev, K.M. (2015) Transitional annealed adaptive slice sampling for Gaussian process hyper-parameter estimation. PDF
  • DiazDelaO, F.A., Adhikari, S., Saavedra Flores, E.I., Friswell, M.I. (2013) Stochastic structural dynamic analysis using Bayesian emulators, Computers & Structures, 120, 24-32
  • DiazDelaO, F.A., Adhikari, S. (2011) Gaussian process emulators for the stochastic finite element method, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 87 (6) 521-540.