Structural Biology

Within the High-Field NMR Facility all three spectrometer (600MHz, 700MHz and 800MHz) are equipped with TCI 1H 13C and 15N (triple resonance) probes providing the capability to acquire high-resolution and sensitivity 3-dimensional spectra for structural analysis of labelled proteins and other macromolecules.

Published macromolecular structures the NMR facility has contributed to are available here including:

2YOU, 2YOV, 2LNS, 2LNT, 2LQG, 3ZDL, 4AQZ, 4AR0, 4AV2, 2LB6, 2L9C, 2LV7, 4AXP, 2LNK, 2L7A, 2L7N, 3PV1, 4A3O, 4A3P, 2L10, 3IVF, 2X0C, 2KVP, 2KMA, 2KC1, 2KC2, 2KMC, 2KBB, 3DYJ, 2KN4.

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