The 3rd HLLHC gas jet beam profile monitor collaboration review meeting

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The third meeting of the collaboration of GSI, CERN and CI.

The third HLLHC gas jet beam profile monitor collaboration review meeting was hosted by the QUASAR group in the Cockcroft Institute and in the Department of Physics of the University of Liverpool from June 26th – 27th. Colleagues from CERN and GSI joined this meeting for discussions about the progress of the gas jet beam profile monitor development for the HLLHC electron lens project. Further information can be found in the recently published paper. Due to the strong magnetic field around the super-conducting solenoid of the electron lens, previous ion detection mode will suffer greatly from the distortion so that another detection method will be used - beam induced fluorescence.   

In this meeting, QUASAR group leader Carsten Welsch presented the scope of this project and summarized the details about the collaboration among the three parties. QUASAR member Hao Zhang gave talks about the recent experiment success about the beam induced fluorescence detection using the supersonic gas jet setup in Cockcroft Institute and plans for the next 12 months.  Other topics including the overall progress of the electron lens project, the design of a second supersonic gas jet system dedicated for beam induced fluorescent mode, the new optical system for detecting the fluorescent light and gas dynamics simulation aiming for LHC parameters are also presented by CERN and GSI colleagues.