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Dr Ricardo Torres and Maxine Sharples discussing upcoming work.

A warm welcome to Maxine Sharples, who joins the QUASAR Group as Project Assistant. She will be based at the Cockcroft Institute and work within the Project T.E.A.M. Maxine graduated in 2009 with a BA Honours in International Business and Chinese. Maxine has a deep appreciation of the Chinese culture and has mastered the language dedicating 10 years to the cause. She has also spent time working in East Africa as Project Manager, where she handled all financial responsibility of the local office. She is accustomed to working alongside people from many varied backgrounds and has an open and accepting manner. Maxine understands how hard relocating to another country can be and wants to extend an ‘open door policy’, where fellows old and new can come and discuss pastoral issues they may be having. Maxine is a trained volunteer counsellor for NSPCC - Childline and will treat all discussions with fellows in a confidential manner. She looks forward to completing her A-level in Physics alongside her work and welcomes a mentor for guidance and support.