ESS Imaging Project passes Design Review

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Professor Erik Adli of Oslo University recently visited the Cockcroft Institute for a European Spallation Source (ESS) project meeting, and this was an opportunity to meet Dr Mark Ibison of the QUASAR Group for discussions on his continuing work for the Imaging System of the ESS Tuning Beam Dump. Progress was reviewed, actions identified and a documentation list outlined in preparation for the Critical Design Review (CDR) of the Tuning Dump. One of the key factors for the design is an assessment of the radiation environment in the accelerator tunnel where the imaging equipment will be housed. For this, the Monte-Carlo simulation software FLUKA is being used to model the beam-line and its surroundings, as well as the expected particle losses contributing to the radiation dose. Two modes of operation must also be considered, one for commissioning and tuning when the beam is directed onto the dump, and the other for normal conditions when the beam is deflected onto the spallation target for neutron production.

Looking down on the proposed Imaging Station (scale in cm.)