LHC Performance workshop 2017

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LHC - image: Maximilien Brice, CERN

During the last week of January (23-27), the annual LHC performance workshop took place in Chamonix. This is one of the most important workshops of the year as both the performance of the LHC during the 2016 Run but also the future of the LHC were discussed. It is also an opportunity for the LHC experiments to discuss their priorities with the accelerator community. 

The first two days of the workshop were dedicated on the performance of the machine during the 2016 and the preparation for the 2017 run and planning for Run2 and Run3. The third and fourth days were dedicated to the LHC Injectors Update (LIU) and the High Luminosity (HL-LHC) projects. 

The last day was a summary and wrap-up day. 
QUASAR Group member Fanouria Antoniou was invited to participate in Session 7 (Thursday morning). This turned out to be a very interesting session with 7 presentations where people summarized the progress that has been done on the HL-LHC studies during the last year. In particular, the 7 presentations discussed the performance sensitivity to parameters change based on the 2016 observations, the correctors and magnet circuits schemes, the present non-conformities in view of HL-LHC, the vibration studies, the need for beam halo depletion in the HL-LHC and LIU era and finally the Collimation status. 

All the presentations of the workshop can be found here: