Medicine: Accelerate it!

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The OMA network coordinator, Prof Carsten Welsch, gives a talk about the OMA project and the importance of medical accelerators in general today at the BERTI Symposium in Munich. The talk will focus on use of accelerators for medical purposes and research within the OMA framework that will lead to further developments in this field.

The BERTI Symposium is an event summarising three years of a Biomedical Imaging and Informatics - European Research and Training Initiative - a Network funded by the European Union and coordinated by Technische Universität München. BERTI has trained 14 Early Stage Researchers within this interdisciplinary and intersectoral network of computer scientists, natural scientists, engineers, clinicians, and partners from industry.

Representatives of BERTI joined the OMA Kick-off Meeting in 2015 to share their experiences in the implementation of a European Training Network. The talk about OMA will continue the exchange of good practice between two major European projects.