Beam Diagnostics expert joins QUASAR Group

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We are delighted to welcome Dr. Colin Barschel in the QUASAR Group. Colin studied physics at the RWTH Aachen University. In his PhD he worked on a novel method to measure the luminosity at the LHCb detector to determine the production cross-sections in pp collisions, based on beam-gas imaging.

In 2014 Colin received a COFUND CERN fellow position to work on a new detector for the LHC called Beam-Gas Vertex (BGV) monitor. This is a novel, non-disruptive technique designed to measure transverse beam shapes using beam-gas interactions. He lead the electronic commissioning work and designed and implemented the computing farm for the trigger and detector control.

As a member of the QUASAR Group based at CERN he will now continue his work in the BGV in collaboration with the beam instrumentation group and will also analyse LHC data to better understand beam instabilities.