Busy week for the QUASAR Group

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Last week was a particularly busy one for the QUASAR group. Quasars Dr Hao Zhang, Vasilis Tzoganis and QUASAR group Leader Prof. Dr Carsten Welsch travelled to CERN to attend an Informal meeting on the adaptation of the gas jet based beam profile monitor for the HL-LHC. The monitor originally developed at the Cockcroft Institute is the most prominent candidate to measure beam profiles at the future electron lens installation at CERN. In this meeting the monitor’s design was finalized and all the participants agreed to move forward to the production of a test stand for evaluation.

During the same visit, Prof. Dr Carsten Welsch attended the CALIFES workshop. This was a discussion on possible ways to exploit a 200 MeV electron LINAC as a general standalone facility. He gave a talk presenting possible uses of the machine for education and training purposes.



Following these meetings, Dr Hao Zhang attended the formal HL-LHC collaboration meeting at RHUL, London. The collaboration members presented the recent progress on crab cavity design and cryogenics. Dr Zhang gave a talk on state of the art non-invasive beam diagnostics based on a supersonic gas jet based beam profile monitor.