New QUASAR - Welcome David Pavel Juarez Lopez!

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This month has seen an influx of new Quasars, one of which is David Pável Juarez López. Pavel performed his undergraduate studies at the University Autonomous of Zacatecas, Mexico, where he worked with the Solid State research group. He simulated electrons passing through barriers, alternating breaking symmetry substrates and non-breaking symmetry substrates, such as SiC and SiO2 following the Silver Mean sequence. He was then able to calculate the transmittance and conductance.

Pavel obtained a Masters degree in Physics from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. For his Masters thesis he studied beam position monitors and error analysis at Fermilab Science and Technology Facility, whilst taking part in an internship at Fermilab, USA.

At the moment Pavel is at the Cockcroft Institute as a student of the University of Liverpool and the Quasar group. He is working on the Transverse Energy Spread Spectrometer (TESS) located at Daresbury Laboratory. TESS is designed to measure the transverse energy of the electrons emitted from a photocathode under conditions that will allow emittance to be measured without perturbing effects; which can lead to emittance growth in accelerators. The aim of TESS is to measure basic properties like the emittance for a variety of cathode materials. Pavel is going to be involved in simulations, but also with hands on experimental studies.

Pavel and TESS