ESS Imaging Project passes Design Review

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Dr Mark Ibison recently took part in the Imaging Systems Preliminary Design Review (PDR) meeting at the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden. A panel of optics experts heard presentations on all aspects of the project, and along with the work now being carried out by the University of Oslo team for the Target Imaging, Mark described his latest design for the imaging of the proton beam in the Tuning Dump beam-line. He presented two options, the preferred one having a simple two-mirror configuration, but requiring heavy radiation shielding for an imaging camera located close to the beam-line. A possible alternative uses fibre-optics to transport a demagnified image to a remote camera.

A design for a diagnostic system at the ESS developed in the Quasar group.

Advice was available from the panel on many aspects affecting the feasibility of the proposed optics, and its recommendations are now being studied for incorporation into an updated design.