What are you doing, Miss X? Part 4

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In the 4th part of our series, the first Miss. X, Alexandra Alexandrova, is introduced. She has been with the QUASAR group for 4 years, where she has been working within the LA3NET project. Alexandra has been working on the development of a novel laser diode-based velocimeter for applications at accelerators, and is in the process of finishing her PhD thesis: “Investigation into laser self-mixing for accelerator applications”.

Based on her work, she has founded a new company D-Beam ltd to commercialise optical diagnostics. To refine her business ideas and to grow into a successful entrepreneur, Alexandra was awarded the Royal Society of Edinburgh and STFC Enterprise Fellowship in October 2015.

In the picture you can see Miss. X Alexandra Alexandrova editing her PhD thesis, whilst also working on novel diagnostic techniques for D-Beam.