Annual meeting of EuCARD-2 saw QUASAR contribution

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EuCARD-2 organized its third Annual Meeting on 26 - 28 April 2016, hosted by the University of Malta in Valletta, Malta. The meeting reviewed the status of accelerator R&D in Europe and reported the progress and activity of the various EuCARD-2 work packages.

A member of the Quasar Group, Eleftherios Skordis, was invited to give a talk in the context of Work Package 11: Collimator Materials for fast High Density Energy Deposition (COMA-HDED)

This topical annual meeting aimed at a comprehensive review on

– Applications of collimator materials to LHC and HL-LHC

– Progress on material development and characterisation

– Outlines of production techniques

– Results of irradiation tests (ions, protons and high-energy impact protons)

– Comparison with FLUKA estimation of displacement per atom (DPA) to predict radiation induced degradation.

Eleftherios was invited to give a talk on his calculations using FLUKA and Sixtrack-FLUKA coupling of short term peak energy density, as well as long term DPA damage for the primary and most impacted secondary collimators with realistic loss scenarios at 6.5 and 7 TeV. The talk led to interesting discussions and allowed Eleftherios to present his findings to a broad audience.

DPA cross section of the skew secondary collimator