QUASAR group obtains award from the Royal Academy of Engineering

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The QUASAR group from the University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute has obtained a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Award to engage the public with engineers and engineering.

The aim of the awarded project is to organise a series of ‘Particle Accelerator Engineering Workshops’ for pre-sixth students. This activity will provide the students a unique opportunity for getting a taste of hands-on practical engineering by building machines related to particle accelerators (Van de Graaff generator, rail gun, salad-bowl accelerator, etc.) in small teams supervised by researchers from the field. Resources will be developed in the form of 'how to...' worksheets which will be complemented by accessible videos made available via public websites.

Several secondary schools from the Merseyside and Cheshire areas have already shown a great interest in the initiative. The workshops will be held at the Cockcroft Institute over six days in June and July. Volunteer engineers are needed, if you want to participate or require more information please contact Ricardo Torres