What will the world's first plasma accelerator with industry beam quality look like ?

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Six months ago the QUASAR Group has started to explore the various design options for a 5 GeV plasma accelerator with industry beam quality within the Design Study EuPRAXIA. Supported by 3 M€ within the Horizon2020 Programme of the European Union, the project is investigating numerous avenues to control, enhance and measure the beam quality in this so-called "novel accelerator" within an international collaboration.

In an article just published in DPA Magazine, QUASAR Group leader Prof. Carsten P. Welsch talks about some of the specific advantages of plasma accelerators, as well as the challenges that still lie ahead. 

Find out more: http://www.dpaonthenet.net/article/114720/What-will-the-world-s-first-plasma-accelerator-look-like-.aspx