Eduardo and Maria Down Under

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Eduardo Nebot and Maria Kastriotou traveled for the third time to Melbourne, to take measurements at the Australian Sunchrotron Light Source (ASLS) and participate at the ACAS (Australian Collaboration of Accelerator Science) Particle Accelerator School 2016 (ASAP 2016).

At the ASLS, Maria and Eduardo studied the optical fibre Beam Loss Monitors (BLM) that cover the booster and the Storage Ring. They examined the capability of this BLM system to measure steady-state losses in storage rings, tested its position resolution and compared different photosensor that can potentially be used.

At the same time ASAP2016 successfully took place at the ASLS, disseminating the basic accelerator principles to students with different backgrounds. Being lecturer at the School, Eduardo introduced the participants to the ideas of particle detectors and bean losses with two lectures, “Beam Loss Physics” and  “Beam Loss Technology”. Together with Maria they were instructors to the final experimental experience of the students at the Synchrotron, introducing them to the principles of optical fibre BLMs,  and taking and studying real data.