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As every year from January to March, the Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) is taking place in Archamps, France. JUAS, created in 1994, has becoming one of the most prestigious accelerator schools in the world. Today JUAS includes 15 partners European Universities and offers an intensive programme for students and modular courses for professionals.

From 23rd to 29th of February, QUASAR Group member Javier Resta Lopez has been teaching at JUAS, contributing to the tutorials on the subject Transverse Beam Dynamics. Dr Javier Resta has been teaching at JUAS since 2012. Javier said: “Teaching at JUAS is a very enriching experience. I enjoy very much discuss with students from all around the world. They do not know, but I also learn a lot from them. They often provide a new and fresh approach to the concepts. It is also a great honour to have the opportunity to contribute to the training of the next generation of accelerator physicists and engineers.”

In addition, this year, Eleftherios Skordis, who recently joined the QUASAR Group as international PhD student based at CERN, is also following JUAS. This course will strengthen his knowledge in accelerator physics, being useful for his project studies on collimation system for energy frontier accelerators (i.e. LHC, HL-LHC, FCC).