Commercialisation of Quasar group projects

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Based on the work developed within QUASAR group a new ltd company D-Beam has been established to commercialise some of our results. D-Beam ltd provides optical diagnostics which have been developed as reliable and cost-efficient techniques for use at accelerator and clinical facilities, light sources, and reactors, i.e. for application in research, healthcare, security, environment and manufacture.

D-Beam ltd covers the design, manufacture, installation and operation of advanced diagnostics for beam characterisation, loss detection and radiation protection applications in storage rings, linear accelerators, and experimental zones. This includes self-mixing laser diode sensors for displacement, vibration and velocity measurements, light transport systems based on optical fibres that help overcome the limitations of lens-based systems, custom-designed radiators for particle detection and beam loss monitoring applications, as well as modelling of the expected signal output from various photo sensors, including Silicon Photo Multipliers (SiPMs), Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMTs) or Avalanche Photo Diodes (APDs).

Further details about the company and its offer: