QUASAR Group lands STFC’s Outreach Grant

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A Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Public Engagement Small Award has recently been awarded to the QUASAR group. The £10,000 grant will be used to organise four workshops designed to enthuse year 9 students with the science and technology of accelerators. The children will be invited to come to Daresbury for a day and, after and introductory talk, will be given the task of building a small accelerator in groups of five, under the guidance of their teachers and a few volunteers. Using simple objects like magnets, ping-pong balls, and a salad bowl (together with a little ‘magic’ provided by a Van de Graaff generator) the kids will experience with their own hands the wonders of accelerator science. The event is bound to be fun, and it will help to fill the ranks of accelerator scientists when we all retire (that’s sooner that you’d expect).