QUASAR contributes to Cienca Viva

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QUASAR group Research Associate Dr. Eduardo Nebot del Busto contributed to an event in "Ciencia Viva" (Alive science), a program organized by Department of Eduaction of the Regional Government of Aragon, Spain. Ciencia Viva promotes scientific activities for centers of primary and secondary education in an attempt to bring research and science closer to young students.

On the  21st and 22nd of December Dr. Nebot was invited to his former High School, Instituto de Enseñanza Secudaria Bajo Aragón, in  Alcanñiz  (Teruel), Spain. He presented a series of Outreach lectures focusing on  accelerator science to an audience of about 450 students of ages between 14 and 17 years old. In the presentations, titled “Particle Accelerators in Scinece and Society”, Eduardo tried to introduce his research and give a summary of the last accomplishments of particle accelerators in the scientific community. Moreover, he introduced several examples of current use of particle accelerators in applications with direct impact to day to day life.

Dr. Nebot was very pleased with the development of the event. “For me this was an emotional event as I had the opportunity to come back to where it all started. The preparation was challenging due to the difference in age and background of the student groups that participated  but I believe the outcome was extremely successful. The students were engaged throughout the whole  event and It was very refreshing and encouraging to see their interest.  A few of them even stayed past the duration of the presentations for a more personal discussion and came up with very relevant questions. ”