Shortage of accelerator scientists highlighted in New Statesman

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The weekly political and cultural magazine New Statesman has just published an article by Prof. Carsten P. Welsch highlighting the risks that a shortage of trained accelerator scientists poses on the advancement of key technologies.

This article echoes similar calls to action from related fields such as radiotherapy. A recent article in BBC News ( reported data presented at the European Cancer Congress in Vienna by a panel of international experts which warned about the shortages of equipment and trained staff for radiotherapy facilities worldwide.

The New Statesman article also points out the contrast between the huge investment being made by Europe in new accelerator facilities and the lack of training programmes specialised in accelerator science.

The response from the accelerator community has been immediate: "I applaud you for the New Statesman piece identifying the challenges of insufficient accelerator scientists. I see the same problems, and would be glad to be part of any solution" says a professor from the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre.

The article can be downloaded here