Vasilis goes HIAT

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QUASAR Group member Vasilis Tzoganis attended the 13th international conference on Heavy Ion Accelerator Technology (HIAT 2015) held in Yokohama Japan. He contributed a poster on the “development of an online emittance monitor for low energy heavy ion beams”. The HIAT conference series has been running for more than 40 years and was started back in 1973 in Daresbury, UK. The conference is dedicated to the design, construction and R&D of heavy ion accelerators and their components. This year’s conference was hosted by the RIKEN Nishina centre.

Accelerator teams from institution from all over the world showcased their most recent developments in mainly ion sources, magnet and beamline design and medical facilities. The main scope of the presentations was status reports of existing facilities, commissioning of new facilities and design studies for future machines.

The conference occupied a full week with morning and afternoon presentations and poster sessions. A strong industry presence showed how valuable industry – academia collaboration is for the successful construction of large scale accelerator projects.

Aside the presentations, the participants had a unique chance to engage in discussion and exchange experiences as well as establish future collaborations. A highlight of the conference was the presentation of a recently completed new facility - the 5th Japanese cancer treatment facility, i-Rock, that uses heavy ion beams.