New paper on beam dynamics simulations for the ELENA ring

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Antimatter experiments are at the cutting edge of science; impressively underlined through the award of 'most important physics breakthrough' in 2010 to the successful trapping of antihydrogen by physicsworld. They are, however, very difficult to realize and presently limited by the performance of the only existing facility in the world, the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) at CERN. To enable the efficient investigation of essentially all these important questions, a new experimental facility, the Extra Low ENergy Antiproton ring (ELENA) will be built.

A particular challenge for low energy storage rings, is the question of achievable beam life time and beam quality. In a paper recently published in Journal of Instrumentation, J. Resta-Lopez et al. address this question through long term beam dynamics simulations in ELENA, considering different effects limiting the achievable phase space volume. The results provide a better understanding of the beam dynamics for ELENA and other low energy ion storage rings in general.

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