Sehar Naveed visits Ankara University

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QUASAR Group member Sehar Naveed attended an intense workshop on the ‘Programming and Implementation of Multi Level fast Multipole Method (MLFMM)’ between May 7- May 18, 2015. The workshop was organised and hosted by Dr. Ozgur Ergul, Associate Professor at Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the principal investigator of the Computational Electromagnetics research group (CEMMETU) at the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey.

The workshop was an extension of the last year’s lecture series. It focused mainly on the complex theoretical concepts underlying the method, the structure and the implementation of the algorithm and the derivation of fundamental equations in coding environments such as MATLAB. After the first week of the workshop, there were several brain-storming sessions related to the implementation of MLFMA on accelerator structures in general and on low ion Beam Position Monitors in particular. One of the most interesting questions that need to be addressed is the mathematical modelling of the BPMs and the particle beams according to the challenging demands of MLFMA. As the method has been successfully verified for the waveguide structures but to implement it for particle beams is interesting and has potential to bring novel results to look forward to.

Sehar described her workshop experience as very exciting, engaging and closely related to her project. The workshop provided her an opportunity to expand her network connections and to discuss her research with other scientists working on the same method but for different electromagnetic applications. She has also enjoyed the Turkish cuisine and the hospitality to the core!