Postdoc Vacancy in Beam Diagnostics R&D

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Beam diagnostics systems are essential constituents of any particle accelerator; they reveal the properties of a beam and how it behaves in a machine. Without an appropriate set of diagnostic elements, it would simply be impossible to operate any accelerator complex let alone optimise its performance. The QUASAR Group carries out a broad R&D program in beam diagnostics covering e.g. propagation and monitoring of beam halo, beam profile measurements using curtain gas jets and Silicon strip detectors and characterisation of Silicon Photomultipliers.

You could join this effort and be involved in developing and optimising advanced beam diagnostics methods with a focus on instrumentation for the target area of the future European Spallation Source (ESS) that is being built in Lund, Sweden. Using your expertise in the design of optical beam transport and imaging systems, you would design key instrumentation for the most powerful proton accelerator in the world. Your work will link you closely to experts at ESS and within the institute and will have excellent opportunities for career development and international collaboration. Ability for independent work and demonstrated research excellence are key requirements for this post.

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