Brainstorming Workshop on SiPM Time Performance

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We are delighted to announce that Dr. Sergey Vinogradov, Senior Marie Curie Fellow in the QUASAR Group, and Dr. Paul Lecoq, Senior Physicist at CERN and Technical Director of the European Center for Research in Medical Imaging, Marseilles, will be organizing a workshop on timing performance of Silicon Photomultipliers in Calvi, Corsica between May 7-8, 2015.

This workshop will be the second one in a series that started with a workshop on Fast Timing in Ajaccio, Corsica in May 2013. This first event was focused on the timing performance of scintillation detectors in general considering a scintillating crystals, photodetectors and readout electronics.

Time resolution is the most important parameter of photon detectors for a wide range of time-of-flight and time correlation applications within the areas of high energy physics, medical imaging, and others. Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) were initially recognized as perfect photon-number-resolving detectors; now, they also provide outstanding results in scintillation detector timing and are considered for example for next generation time-of-flight positron emission tomographs.

This is why this 2nd workshop will be exclusively dedicated to the factors influencing the timing performance of SiPMs related. It will cover aspects related to the underlying technology, architecture, statistical processes of photon detection,  as well as electronic acquisition and processing of output signals.

The attendance will be limited to 30 experts gathered by invitation only from major academic and industrial organizations interested in SiPM timing. Participating organizations include CERN, LBNL, Fermilab, Stanford, TU Delft, Politecnico di Milano, General Electric, as well the SiPM developers SensL, KETEK, FBK and MEPhI.