Maria Kastriotou at JAS

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The 2014 Joint International Accelerator School (U.S.A., Europe, Japan, Russia) took place this November in Newport Beach, California, sponsored by the University of New Mexico. This year's program focused on "Beam Loss and Machine Protection", a field even more important with the raise of energy for the future colliders.

The School covered all possible aspects of this field: What can go wrong in an accelerator ? Here, details about the physics of beam loss in circular machines and linear accelerators were given. What are possible mitigation techniques ? This included beam instrumentation for machine protection, beam cleaning and interlock systems. What are the consequences of beam losses, in terms of material and indirect damages by particle beams ? Finally, how can a machine with a potentially dangerous beam be operated ?

Students and scientists from all around the world, with different backgrounds and expertise followed the 2014 Joint International Accelerator School and worked together on exercises and case studies. Under the bright Californian sun, this was an excellent opportunity for them to discuss, collaborate and exchange ideas.

QUASAR and CERN doctoral student Maria Kastriotou was awarded a scholarship to attend the 2014  Joint International Accelerator School. She described it as the perfect chance to gain very important knowledge and expand her understanding in beam loss monitoring. She described the school as an ideal occasion to meet people working on machine protection at different laboratories and find out about the different aspects of this field. She excelled in the final exam and the group congratulates her on this success !

Photo courtesy: Alfonse Pham