Let there be LIGHT

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QUASAR Group member Dr. Sergey Vinogradov has participated in the 8th Workshop on the Photon Detectors (LIGHT 2014) which was held at Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Germany between 6 - 10 October 2014.

This workshop series on photo detectors for high energy and astro-particle physics enables a rather intimate encounter of a small number (40-60) of leading specialists and selected industrial partners to discuss frontier developments on low light level, fast photon sensors and future trends. A main focus of the workshop was a discussion of the best suitable detector for the Cherenkov Telescope Array project, and to compare the performance of modern photo multiplier tubes (PMTs) against the latest generation of Silicon photo multipliers (SiPMs). The workshop was organized by the Max Plank Institute for Physics and chaired by Dr. Razmik Mirzoyan, a leader of the MAGIC Cherenkov telescope project.

Dr. Sergey Vinogradov contributed an invited talk on “SiPM performance in Cherenkov TOF Applications”, providing an overview of various aspects of SiPM performance, including photon number and time resolution with a particular focus on short sharp weak light pulse detection. He has also chaired the SiPM session of the workshop.

The workshop attracted broad attention from the academic community, as well as from industrial PMT and SiPM vendors worldwide. Many discussions were triggered during the workshop and were acknowledged to be a fruitful ground for further collaboration in advanced SiPM studies, metrology, and photon sensor applications.