Welcome, James !

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Mr. James Hunt has just joined the QUASAR Group to work on beam dynamics studies for very low energy antiproton beams. James graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2013 with a First class Master’s degree in Physics. For his master’s project he worked with data taken from the ATLAS experiment in a search for graviton like events.

From 2015/2016, a new facility called ELENA (Extra Low Energy Antiproton Ring) shall enable all experiments working at the Antiproton Decelerator at CERN to get lower energy, higher quality and more abundant antiproton beams, enabling the production of larger quantities of antihydrogen. An even-longer term perspective is given within the frame of the FLAIR facility at FAIR, Germany where low energy antiprotons are part of the core experimental program. James’s research focuses on the optimization of storage ring and beam line optics design, comprising advanced beam dynamics simulations to determine the impact of different effects on the beam quality, such as space charge effects and intra-beam scattering, impact from fringe field effects on beam stability and life time in the ring, as well as on the beam quality in the different beam transfer lines.