QUASAR attended School in Ankara

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A dense course on “The Introduction of Multilevel Fast Multipole Method”, organised by the Computational Electromagnetics group (CEMMETU) Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, was held from May 5-23, 2014. It was hosted by Dr. Ozgur Ergul, an Assistant Professor at the aforementioned University and the principal investigator of the CEMMETU research group. The purpose of the workshop was to provide a strong foundation of the theory and to discuss the problems related to the practical implementation of the method in various computational domains.

The workshop comprised of intense lecture series covering all the underlying concepts, interactive exercise and tutorial sessions, weekly presentations of students and lab sessions of the mathematical modelling of different geometrical structures. It provided a great networking opportunity for a diverse group of students and researchers from computational backgrounds to assess and share the research findings so to improve the quality of their work.

QUASAR and oPAC Fellow Sehar Naveed attended the three weeks course, where she also presented a talk on “Modelling and Electromagnetic Simulations Studies of Beam Position Monitors (BPMs) for Extra Low Energy Rings (ELENA)”, giving an overview of the challenges in the numerical simulations of such low energy devices. She also got the opportunity to visit Bilkent University where she attended a Seminar along with the whole CEMMETU research group. She described her experience as a memorable one and is looking forward to implement newly gained knowledge, skills and competencies in her on-going project and opening a new domain of research within her network group.