QUASAR Group features in latest edition of Global Scientia

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Providing the next generation of scientist and engineers with an ideal basis for their future careers is one of the main goals of training within the QUASAR Group. Prof. Carsten P. Welsch has initiated and is coordinating the international training networks DITANET, oPAC and LA³NET. With a combined budget of more than 15 M€, these initiatives train more than 60 early stage researchers through cutting edge research. This has already produced remarkable research results and Global Scientia is featuring a story that highlights some of achievements in the recent past.

Clearly, much more work is needed until the number of accelerator experts is available that is urgently needed to develop, operate and optimize future research infrastructures which are vital for the success of science in Europe. The QUASAR Group keeps promoting international collaboration in this important area and hopes that there will be opportunities to continue the success story to date.

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