Quasars at Libera Workshop

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The 10th Libera Workshop, organized jointly by oPAC and Instrumentation Technologies, was held from the 9th – 11th April, providing a diverse range of experts working in the accelerator field from all over the world an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences.

Under the slogan ‘The Spring of New Ideas’, the workshop celebrated its 10th anniversary presenting an overview of a decade of experience with Libera and fresh perspectives to face the challenges of the future. There were Libera demonstrations and Satellite meetings on the 9th and 11th of April and a full program of talks on the 10th.

The workshop focussed on applications that use the Libera family of instruments – state-of-the-art instrumentation systems used for diagnostics and beam stabilisation at particle accelerators was opened by instrumentation Technologies CEO, Rok Ursic who presented the talk “Growing together”, stressing the benefits of team development and networking. Benefits also shared by Quasar group.

Two QUASAR members, Blaine Lomberg and Rita Galan attended the workshop, with Rita presenting a talk on “Researcher training within international networks”, giving an overview of International Training network, best practices and Industry and Academia collaboration.

There was also time for networking at the workshop and to visit the House of Experiments in Nova Gorica, where participants could get ‘hands-on’ with some interesting experiments.