QUASAR attended CEM 2014

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Sehar Naveed, University of Liverpool – oPAC fellow in the QUASAR Group, attended the Ninth International Conference on Computation in Electromagnetics CEM 2014. The event took place at Imperial College London, UK from 31st March - 1st April 2014.

CEM is considered to be a flagship event in computational electromagnetics and offered extremely valuable networking opportunities. The event brought together over a hundred participants from 24 countries - students and researchers engaged in methods and techniques of computational electromagnetic, engineers facing the challenges of hazards and EMC/EMI and designers of low frequency as well as high frequency devices. The event was technically co-sponsored by the Magnetics Society of the IEEE, UK Magnetics Society, ACES and International Compumag Society.

The talks and poster contributions were divided into the groups based on Theory and methodology; Numerical methods and techniques; Algorithms and formulations; Multiphysics, coupled problems, optimisation; Modelling and simulation of devices and systems. The interactive poster sessions, preceded by “one-minute, one-slide” presentations allowing authors to highlight their work, was very well received by all delegates.

CEM 2014 was found to be well organised, extremely informative and engaging with the tradition of keynote lectures and invited ‘scene setting’ introductory talks on selected themes. The participants were also provided the opportunity to see the exhibition of electromagnetic software vendors Ansys, Cobham, CST and Infolytica. QUASARs hope to expand the network by making significant and valuable contributions for future such events.