Talks on SiPM at the DESY seminars and the CTA workshop

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Between the 20th and 28th March 2014 Dr. Sergey Vinogradov visited colleagues in research and application of SiPMs at DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron centre, Hamburg, Germany) and participated at the 2nd Advanced SiPM Workshop of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) collaboration.

Whilst at DESY he gave invited talks: "Crosstalk and afterpulsing: physics, statistics, measurements and impacts on SiPM performance" at the Detector group seminar on 20th March and "Challenges of SiPM application for Cherenkov fibre Beam Loss Monitoring" at the Joint Instrumentation seminar on 21st March (

The detector group carries out advanced studies of accelerator detectors, especially radiation induced damages in Si detectors including SiPM. Appropriate characterization methods of deep level defects responsible for electron trapping and thermal generation are of high importance.

An instrumentation community at DESY is experienced in a wide variety of beam diagnostic techniques including beam loss monitoring, and they are interested in an analysis of SiPM application for BLM.

Participating in the CTA workshop (Geneva, Switzerland, 24th – 26th March,, Sergey gave a talk "Statistical considerations on SiPM parameters and performance" to introduce metrics of signal and noise contributions limiting SiPM performance and chaired a session "Invited talks of experts".

The CTA project is well recognized as a very large scale application for SiPM technology, and the workshop attracted the attention of the worldwide academic community and all major SiPM manufacturers.

Discussions initiated by these talks were very fruitful and were acknowledged as a good ground for further collaborations in advanced SiPM studies, metrology, and applications.