QUASARs go to School

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In January, the US Particle Accelerator School took place in Knoxville, state Tennessee. Alexandra Alexandrova, an LA³NET Marie Curie Fellow in the QUASAR Group participated in the two-week course in Accelerator Physics with Eric Prebys from Fermilab as the lecturer for the course. This course covered a comprehensive overview of particle accelerator physics together with related state-of-the-art topics comprising lectures, daily problems, labs and an examination at the end of the course. Despite a packed programme there was an opportunity to see the city, parks, waterfall and the accelerator facility. Strong relationships between participants were built and a deeper knowledge of accelerator physics was developed verified with an excellent final exam result.


In parallel QUASAR Maria Kastriotou participated to the Joint Universities Accelerator School in Archamps, France some 20 km outside Geneva. Since 1994 JUAS provides a holistic training in all aspects of accelerator science and technology. It joins 14 Universities and offers an intensive programme of modular courses for students and accelerator professionals. The 5-week long training Maria followed included an introduction to particle accelerators, charged particle beam optics, introduction to commonly used simulation codes, linear imperfections and non-linear resonances, as well as more advanced topics, such as space charge effects and instabilities and synchrotron radiation. QUASAR Group leader Prof. Welsch has been a member of the JUAS Advisory Committee for a many years. He will join the school for its 20th birthday celebrations on 25th April 2014 in Grenoble.