Position Vacancies in the QUASAR Group

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We currently have several position openings for R&D in accelerator science and technology.

Marie Curie Fellowship: Novel ‘micro’ accelerators. Within the LA³NET project we are seeking to recruit an early stage research associate for research on novel ‘micro’ accelerators – dielectric/photonic band gap structures that allow for very high accelerating gradients in cm-size structures.  You should have a degree in physics or a closely related field and may have up to four years of research experience after your first degree, but may not have been awarded your PhD yet. The post is based at the Cockcroft Institute and is available until 30 September 2015. Full details.

Postdoc position: Experimental beam diagnostics. This project will focus on work on a gas jet-based beam profile monitor, investigations into an online dose monitor for medical accelerators, studies into SiPM sensors, and on longitudinal beam profile and beam arrival time monitors. The project is in collaboration with the Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (ASTeC), a major stakeholder within the Cockcroft Institute partnership. You should have a PhD in a relevant subject. The post is available from 1 February 2014 until 31 January 2016 with the possibility of a one year extension. Full details.

PhD position: Design and commissioning of next-generation antimatter research facility. From 2015/2016, a new facility called ELENA (Extra Low Energy Antiproton Ring) shall enable all experiments working at the Antiproton Decelerator at CERN to get lower energy, higher quality and more abundant antiproton beams, enabling the production of larger quantities of antihydrogen. Within this project you will work on the optimization of the ELENA optics design, advanced beam dynamics simulations to determine the impact of different effects on the beam quality, such as space charge effects and intra beam scattering, impact from fringe field effects on beam stability and life time in the ring, as well as on the beam quality in the different beam transfer lines.  Opportunities for contributing to ELENA commissioning and operation will be given. If you are interested in this project, please send an Email to Prof. Welsch.